How To Break In Tap Shoes (Pro Tips)

How to Break In Tap Shoes

In this article we will discuss about how to break on tap shoes .The art of tap dancing has been around for generations and is a popular and expressive dance style. Tap shoes are among the most essential items of gear for tap dancers. The taps on the bottom of these shoes are tiny metal plates that give tap dancing its recognizable sound.

In order to generate the finest sound and offer the most comfort, tap shoes not only need to fit comfortably, but they also need to be broken in properly. 

Tap shoes might be challenging to break into, but the comfort and sound quality are worth the effort.Your new tap shoes could feel awkward and stiff when you first start tap dancing. This is typical because they haven’t been broken in yet.

Before the shoes become more flexible and comfy, they may need to be worn every day for a few weeks. For tap dancers, breaking in tap shoes is crucial because it enables the shoes to adapt to the shape of your feet and enhance the sound.

Make sure your tap shoes fit comfortably and are the correct size before breaking them in. Stretching the shoes is also essential before breaking them in. You can do this by gently stretching the shoes with your hands or a shoe stretcher.

Preparing Your Shoes

Preparing Your Shoes
Preparing Your Shoes

Make sure that your tap shoes fit comfortably before breaking them in. With about a thumb’s breadth between the end of your toe and the end of the shoe, tap shoes should be snug but not tight. Additionally, ensure sure the shoe’s width is suitable for your foot. The breaking-in period will be more pleasant with a perfect fit, and injuries will also be less likely.

Stretching your tap shoes before breaking them in is a crucial step in getting them ready. Wearing them around the house, practicing tap moves on a carpeted floor, or utilizing a shoe extender are all options.

The leather will stretch out and become comfier as you wear the shoes about the house. Stretching out the shoes and getting them ready for dancing can both be accomplished by practicing tap moves on a carpeted area.

The leather of the shoe can be stretched out using a shoe stretcher, which is especially helpful for shoes that are too tight in certain places. It’s crucial to remember that until your tap shoes are broken in, you should avoid getting them wet. The leather will shrink and stiffen if your shoes get wet, making the breaking-in process much more challenging.

Your tap shoes will break in more quickly and comfortably if you properly size and stretch them out before wearing them out on the dance floor.

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 Breaking In Your Shoes

 Breaking In Your Shoes
 Breaking In Your Shoes

It might take some time to break in your tap shoes, but it is vital to make sure they are cozy and offer the finest sound for your tap dance. You may break in your tap shoes using a variety of techniques, some of which include:

Wearing them around the house: 

In order to assist the leather stretch out and make the shoes more comfortable, this approach calls for wearing the shoes as often as possible around the home. This may be done while doing chores around the house, watching TV, or even just out for a stroll.

Tap step practice on a carpeted surface:

 This technique calls for tap step practice on a carpeted surface, such as a rug or mat. The taps will have a softer surface thanks to the carpet, which will aid in their break-in and increase their responsiveness.

Using a shoe stretcher:

This technique includes inserting a shoe stretcher inside the shoe to stretch out the leather in particular places. This is particularly helpful for shoes that are overly tight in some places.

Using a wooden shoe tree:

 This technique uses a wooden shoe tree to help maintain the form of the shoes. The tree will assist in stretching out the shoes, particularly after cleaning while they are still damp.

Be patient since breaking in your tap shoes might take some time, it’s crucial to remember that. It’s crucial to take good care of your shoes while they’re breaking in by keeping them clean, and dry, and changing the taps as needed. You’ll be able to dance comfortably and with the finest sound quality if you break in your tap shoes correctly.

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Maintaining Your Tap Shoes

Maintaining Your Tap Shoes
Maintaining Your Tap Shoes

Maintaining your tap shoes once they have broken in can help them last as long as possible. Here are some pointers for caring for your tap shoes


To get rid of perspiration and filth, wipe your tap shoes down on a regular basis with a moist towel. Before putting them back on, give them time to fully dry.


To maintain your tap shoes’ leather supple and to stop it from cracking, condition it using a leather conditioner.

Replacing Taps: 

Over time, the taps on the bottom of your tap shoes may start to wear out and require replacement. The finest sound quality and damage 

prevention depends on monitoring the condition of the taps and replacing them as needed.

Storage techniques: 

Keep your tap shoes away from direct sunshine, heat, and humidity in a cool, dry location. Do not keep them in wet or humid areas.

Rotating shoes:

Having many pairs of tap shoes and rotating them will allow each pair to have time to dry and rest, as well as extend the life of the shoes.

You can prolong the life of your tap shoes and continue to enjoy the optimum comfort and sound quality for your tap dancing by properly caring 

for and maintaining them.


In conclusion, breaking into tap shoes is an essential process for tap dancers. Tap shoes are an important piece of equipment for tap dancing, as they provide the necessary sound, support, and stability for the dancer. However, tap shoes can be uncomfortable and stiff when new, and need to be broken in before they can be used comfortably and effectively.

The process of breaking in tap shoes includes properly fitting and stretching them before breaking them in, and taking the time to wear them around the house, practicing tap steps on a carpeted surface, using a shoe stretcher or a wooden shoe tree.

Maintaining the tap shoes after they have broken in will help them last as long as feasible. This entails maintaining them with frequent cleanings, conditioning the leather, changing the taps as needed, storing them appropriately, and rotating them.

It may take some effort to break in and maintain tap shoes, but it is worth it for the dancer’s comfort and sound quality. Your tap shoes will last a long time and give you the finest performance and comfort for your tap dancing if you take the time to break them in and properly care for them.

In summary, tap shoes are an essential part of tap dancing, and breaking them in is a process that must be done in order to have comfortable shoes and good sound quality, it is also important to maintain them by cleaning, conditioning, replacing the taps, storing properly, and rotating them.

By following these steps, tap dancers can ensure that their tap shoes will last for a long time and provide the best performance and comfort while they dance.


Do Tap Shoes Hurt Your Feet?

Tap shoes may cause discomfort or pain for some people, especially if they are not properly fitted or broken in. It is best to try on multiple sizes and styles to find the best fit and to break them in gradually.

How Can I Make My Tap Shoes More Comfortable?

Tap shoes can be made more comfortable by wearing larger socks, breaking them in gradually, and adding cushioning or heel inserts. Additionally, it’s crucial to check that your toes have enough room in the shoes and that they fit comfortably.

How Do You Stretch Tap Shoes?

Stretching tap shoes can be done by using shoe stretching sprays or by wearing them with thick socks and using a shoe stretcher.

Do You Wear Socks Under Tap Shoes?

It is not necessary to wear socks under tap shoes but it is a personal preference, some people prefer to wear thin socks or dance tights to reduce friction and prevent blisters. It’s also important to ensure that the shoes fit properly.

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