Performer Has Big Dancing Shoes To Fill As Anita In Muny’s ‘West Side Story’


The Muny, a famed out-of-door musical theater in St. Louis is directly carrying a product of the iconic musical” West Side Story” as a portion of their provocative 2023 season lineup. This cherished musical tells a dateless love story amidst road pressures and features a talented forecast and product team that aims to deliver an unusual experience for the cult.

Recently, the Muny announced the full forecast and product armies for their rendition of” West Side Story”. Director Rob Ruggiero and choreographer Parker Esse conduct the product, icing a witching and visually startling show. Among the preeminent forecast ingredients, Christian Douglas takes on the portion of Tony, while Kanisha Feliciano portrays Maria. still, the seat of the news is on the mime who has the significant task of filling the monumental dancing shoes of Anita, one of the show’s vital characters.

Jerusha Cavazos has been cast as Anita, the fiery and seductive girl of Bernardo, the line of the harpies gang. Anita’s character is known for her satisfying dance sequences, strong personality, and passional depth, making it a challenging portion to take over. Cavazos, with her bestowal and moxie, is poised to bring this iconic character to life on the Muny stage. Her interpretation as Anita promises to appeal to the cult and contribute to the common success of the product.

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The Muny has a character for attracting unusual bestowal, and the forecast of” West Side Story” is no expostulation. Yurel Echezarreta portrays Bernardo, the line of the harpies gang, while Kyle Coffman takes on the portion of Riff, the line of the flutters gang. Kanisha Feliciano, as Maria, is set to deliver a sincere definition of the immature woman caught in an enjoined love affair. The ensemble forecast includes a nonidentical group of players, each bringing around their special chops and bents to their separate places.

The Muny’s product of” West Side Story” not only showcases outstanding players but also features a devoted project and product team. Ann Beyersdorfer takes charge of the scenic project, Gail Baldoni oversees the costume project, and John Lasiter ensures the lighting project enhances the visual experience for the audience. Together, this team collaborates to produce a dynamic and immersive product that complements the story and performances on stage.

As the Muny continues its convention of bringing around top-quality musical theater to St. Louis, the premiere of” West Side Story” is set to be a highlight of the 2023 Season. With its archetypal songs, satisfying plot, and talented forecast, the product promises to captivate the cult and leave a lasting print. Through Jerusha Cavazos’ definition of Anita, Muny’s product of” West Side Story” will actually fete the character’s rubric while adding its special air to this cherished musical comedy.

In conclusion, the news revolves around the casting of Jerusha Cavazos as Anita in Muny’s product of” West Side Story.” With her passional dancing chops and stage presence, Cavazos aims to charge the portion with passion and bestowal, contributing to the common success of the product. The Muny’s rendition of” West Side Story” promises to deliver an unusual dramatic experience with its talented forecast, devoted product team, and the dateless goddess of this cherished musical comedy.