Sabrina Ionescu’s Signature Shoes Stolen: ‘RIP To My Sabrina 1s’

Sabrina Ionescu’s Signature Shoes Stolen: ‘RIP To My Sabrina 1s’

Sabrina Ionescu, the famed New York Liberty guard, lately endured an unanticipated reversal when her hand Nike shoes, the” Sabrina 1s,” were stolen from the Las Vegas Aces’ arena. She expressed her unbelief and frustration on social media, stating, “Noway allowed I would get my shoes stolen from an opposing arena Please just bring me my insoles back. RIP to my Sabrina 1s. ” Accompanying her post were two images of the stolen lurkers, one in an Oregon Ducks-inspired green tinge and the other in a dark Argentine shade. especially, Ionescu had sported the green brace during the Commissioner’s Cup crown game against the Aces at the Michelob Ultra Arena on August 15, a match that the Liberty settled with a score of 82- 63.

The theft passed just before a regular-season rematch of the Commissioner’s Cup inquiry. On arriving at the arena for a morning shootaround, Ionescu discovered her shoes missing. The arena’s security labor force, in collaboration with the Las Vegas police department, has since initiated a discourse into the incident, as reported by ESPN.

Interestingly, the primary concern for Ionescu and the Liberty’s trainer, Sandy Brondello, was not the shoes themselves but the custom- made insoles acclimatised to Ionescu’s bases. Brondello emphasized the significance of the insoles for an athlete, stating, “ As an athlete, it’s not about the shoes, per se, it’s about the insoles. ” She further mentioned that while Ionescu had other shoes with her, the challenge on the road was the attainability of those specific insoles.

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Despite the reversal, Ionescu showcased her prowess on the court. In the game following the theft, indeed without her usual insoles, she managed to score 22 points, with a 6- for- 12 record from the 3- point range. before, in a palm against the Aces, she had scored 12 points and secured eight rebounds, delivering three pivotal 3- pointers in the fourth quarter, icing the palm for her platoon.

The ongoing 2023 series between the Liberty and the Aces stands unevenly poised at 2- 2. still, it’s worth noting that the Commissioner’s Cup game is not included in the regular- season standings. The brigades are listed to face each other for the last time this regular season on August 28 in New York.

For suckers and lurker suckers, the” Sabrina 1s” are set to be available for purchase starting September 1, with a retail price of$ 130.